Mineral wool board
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Mineral wool board

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Mineral wool acoustic board has sound absorption, combustion, heat insulation, decoration and other advantages, is widely used in all kinds of building ceiling, interior decoration wall; such as hotels, restaurants, theaters, shopping malls, office, studio, studio, computer rooms and industrial buildings. The product can control and adjust the reverberation time, improve the indoor sound quality, reduce noise, improve the living environment and working conditions, at the same time, the product is not burning performance, can meet the fire requirements of building design.


Flower type

The stars, the caterpillar, rain ice, sand blasting, special-shaped plate series





1) cotton manufacture: mineral wool fiber content is greater than 80%, the performance index of leading industry;

2) proof: unique ATTA moisture formula, anti sag performance is superior to similar products;

3) noise reduction: noise reduction coefficient (NRC) 0.4 ~ 0.85, to provide a full range of noise solutions;

4) fire mildew: organic content less than 7%, effectively prevent mildew; combustion performance can meet the requirements of A-class non combustible material;

5) high strength: synthetic mineral fiber material, high strength, good processing performance;

6) thermal insulation: thermal resistance as high as 0.35 (K / /w) m2, a significant reduction in energy consumption, energy conservation;

7) green environmental protection: does not contain asbestos, formaldehyde and other harmful substances, products can be fully recycled, recycling, the real green products;

8)independent innovation: innovation launched beyond the dark insert series of new technology, a unique free open function, style simple and smooth;




Technical parameter


1) fire performance : meet GB8624-1997 Class B1

2) asbestos free

3) formaldehyde free

4) fiber content : 90%

5) color of surface : white

6) noise reduction coefficient : NRC 0.4-0.6 depending on the pattern and the thickness

7) light reflectivity : more than 85%

8) RH : 80%

9) sound absorption : EN20140-1994

10) standard thickness :12mm, 14mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm

11) standard dimensions : 603*1206, 595*595, 595*1195, 603*603mm

12) edge details : flat , tegular , concealed and shiplap

13) water content : 3%

14) mold resistant

15) thermal conductivity : 0.065W/mK


Edge type



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